Rich Engel

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My page of photos can also be reached by clicking the photo at the top of the front page and it has many photos of my beautiful daughter Tova Rae & handsome son Desmond Moses. She was born October 23, 2000; we used a doula, who was great, and Magee-Womens hospital, which was only okay. Desi was born June 5, 2004; we used midwives and Allegheny General Hospital, both of which I highly recommend.

After a 12-month search, I started a new gig on the day after Labor Day 2003, as the director of marketing and public relations at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Thanks again to everyone who helped during those 12 months.

From 1995 to September 2002, I helped manage Printcafe Software in the Strip District, during which time it grew from a 15-person startup to a public company with offices around the U.S. While there, I was a manager in charge of quality assurance, software releases, and writing and designing documentation. I helped develop WindowsNT-based software with UML, and became familiar with Oracle and SQL relational databases. My department trained the customer service desk on software updates, patches, and new releases.

Between Printcafe and Pittsburgh Filmmakers, my freelance projects included writing, editing, photography and design work. I developed marketing collateral for HousecallsIndia magazine's U.S. launch, designed a book of short fiction for CMU Press, and published: pieces in Pulp weekly and on, a letter in the P-G, and a light piece on I also initiated a Pittsburgh biodiesel transit pilot, for which PATransit is currently developing a foundation-grant application.

Prior to working at Printcafe, I was a neighborhood journalist for the Eastside Observer. In late 1992 I founded Radio Transcript Newspaper, a local monthly publication on politics and arts, with editors Erika Peterson and Rob Pfeifer. I was the publisher, wrote a lot for it, and sold the ads, and did much of the design. Erika's editorials were very popular. We published 13 issues over 15 months, and got great support from our advertisers and of course our families. Some of my writing samples are online.

Young Navy was a thrift store I opened in April 2000, near the University of Pittsburgh. It closed in July 2001, after losing much money.

Here is some information about the alternative-fuel cars I've purchased.